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Chaun Webster is a poet and graphic designer whose work draws from an interest in the sign of graffiti, the layering of collage, simultaneity, & the visuality of text. Webster utilizes these methods in investigating race – specifically the instability of blackness and black subjectivities, geography, memory, and the body. Correspondingly much of these investigations engage the question of absence, how to archive what is missing from the landscape particularly as a number of communities watch, in real time, neighborhoods once populated with familiar presences dissolve in the vernacular of redevelopment and its attendant colonial logic. Webster’s first book, Gentry!fication: or the scene of the crime, is forthcoming from Noemi Press in the April of 2018.

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Gentry! april readings


Minneapolis - 4/7/18 - Juxtaposition Arts - 7-9pm (Book Release)

Minneapolis - 4/14/18 - Moon Palace Books - Poetry Asylum 7pm

New Orleans - 4/21/18 - Axiom Gallery - 8pm

Providence - 4/27/18 - Ada Books - Publicly Complex 

Brooklyn - 4/28/18 - Berl's Poetry Shop - 7pm 


Buy a copy of Gentry!

you can purchase a copy of GeNtry!fication or the scene of the crime here.

The latest.

ever so frequently i will be updating this section with the latest news, whether journal publications, interviews or spatial shit i find interesting.  follow if ya dig.  right now the latest is that this book bout to drop in less than three weeks!